Homemade Recipes To Stimulate Hair Growth

You don’t have to spend horrors on creams and other hair treatments for your hair to grow. Using one of those infallible homemade recipes passed from generation to generation, your locks will grow in a healthy way and with a lot of shine.

As these recipes have no chemical formulas that can damage the hair, these mixtures are suitable for all types of hair.

Normal growth

Before you start preparing the recipes, know that the yarn does not grow that way, overnight. If you have cut your hair and are hating it, be patient that only a few months will be able to erase the clumsy look.

Normal hair growth is 1 cm per month! It seems little, right? But this is the normal case, if you noticed that your hair does not grow at all and this is accompanied by other factors such as dandruff or excessive hair loss, look for a hair specialist.

Your scalp may have a little problem or there is a need to replace some vitamin. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking in excess also hinder growth, in addition, genetics , diseases , stress and heredity also influence the health of the hair. If you suffer from hormonal disorders such as hyperthyroidism , your hair will be affected. (What is the difference between hair loss and hair break?)

If it is found that you have one of these problems, first you need to treat the cause, then the hair specialist can prescribe a special substance to stimulate growth, increasing blood circulation in the area, which helps to take the necessary vitamins for development the wire.

Tips for growing hair

• Massage your scalp gently – but don’t use force by making sudden movements.

• Do not sleep with wet hair so that there is no proliferation of microorganisms in the scalp.

• Do not dry your hair with the hairdryer too hot.

• Give chemicals a break.

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