Male Chronic Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are a painful thing to deal with. Women are usually the only sex that is thought to suffer from yeast infections. The overgrowth of yeast does not discriminate between the sexes. Yeast infections can happen to men just as frequent as they happen to women. There are male chronic yeast infections that are just as common as female yeast infections.

Could be Dangerous. Unfortunately, most men will not know they have a yeast infection as they are built different from a women. The most common way for someone to have a male yeast infection is by having intercourse with an infected female. These infections can be dangerous for a man because it can affect the prostate glands. This happens when the yeast travels up the urethra canal. It may sound unlikely, but yeast can make bread swell and it can also do the same to prostate glands if not treated. Although it may take a long time to notice the symptoms, this infection can cause serious damage to the prostate glands as the male become older. Some men may even end up having prostate cancer.

Causes. Male yeast infections are often caused by other determining factors. Many things can contribute to a yeast infection. Having low immune systems, antibiotics, consuming beer and alcohol and eating foods that are known for yeast to thrive off of are all ways that a male can get a yeast infection. When treating male yeast infections, it is necessary to learn preventative measures against getting them. This way, once the infection has cleared up, it does not come back again.

Symptoms. The most common symptom of male yeast infections are digestive problems. Other symptoms include constipation from the build up of yeast in their system. Yeast can also cause bloating to occur in men. Like females, men also suffer from itchiness due to having a yeast infection. A jock itch is term for the type of area that is itchy. Most men suffer from fatigue when they have male yeast infections. Bad breath can be a result of a yeast infection as well. Several males are faced with irritability for many reasons while they have a yeast infection. Having diarrhea before and during the treatment of a male yeast infection is common. Memory loss is a less likely symptom but it can still happen. A male that is suffering from one or many of these symptoms should get check out by a licensed physician immediately. Not receiving immediate attention for male yeast infections can have severe consequences.

The Spit Test. For male yeast infections, there is a simple test that can be done at home. Once you wake up in the morning, spit in a glass of water. after about five minutes you should be able to see whether your spit has just dissolved into the water, or has made the water cloudy and settled at the bottom of the glass. If your spit dissolve, then you probably do not have a yeast infection. Your symptoms are likely caused by another medical condition if your spit fails this test. You should seek a doctor’s advice immediately if your symptoms continue.

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